Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Witchcraft By A Picture

Witchcraft By A Picture from Raleigh, NC was a freakin short-lived band which created with a casio keyboard, intense instrumental feelings & pretty dope raw screams the ultimate sound for something new & goddman yes, this stuff is fucking unbelievable & 4 fucking ever!!! Thrashy - Screamy - Dancing - Heartfelt and like your wettest dreamz! Btw, Pre - Black Castle & check the another bands from the compilation. All fucking worth checking out. Seriously!!!

2 Legs Bad, 38 Legs Good+5 Song CD + Ouija Board
Bandcamp: Magic Bullet Records
Homesite: Magic Bullet Records
Twitter: Magic Bullet Records 
Facebook: Magic Bullet Records
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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