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Jesse Washington

Well, fucking Jesse Washington hailing from Melbourne, FL, USA right here, which are pure fucking awesomeness & bringing the chaos in! JW played the freaky kind of Screamo/Hardcore/Punk where U think, U'll dancing the shit out of you in fucking noisy chaos of amazing screaming & crazy madness!!! You like/love it fucking crazy/dancing with big hits of Screamo/Hardcore/Punk? Well, You'll freak the shit out for sure yo!

Bio: "Rudo, the mastermind behind Somberlain records was nice enough to hook us up with some information and reviews of Jesse Washington, as well as the Tunes... side of the Jesse Washington/Tunes... split.
Here's a short biography by Rich: 
My initial reaction towards jesse washington was one of limited seriousness. Not to say that I thought that they weren't a "real" band, but for some reason, my mind had taken up the idea that they were just some kids being sassy and screaming their heads off (which is rarely a bad thing, mind you). After setting up a few shows for them and recieving a copy of their self released "masscara massacre," I realized that this was so much more than just some kids strutting around being loud - these kids had shit to say, the attitude to back it up and the live show to get you listening closer and, subsequently, addicted. The music, was more super dancy hardcore than I had previously noticed and featured touches of new wave, spats of handclapping, scream-alongs, woo's and other fantastically exciting bits and pieces here and there. Add to all of this a strong diy ethic, a penchant for beautifully handmade packaging (the likes of which most couldn't even imagine, let alone create) and the skills to make friends with damn near everyone in every town of florida. That's jesse washington. They rule.

10. Jesse Washington (Melbourne)
The name -- inspired by an African-American teenager infamously lynched in Waco, Texas, in 1916 -- would suggest a similarity to the highly politicized shrieks of emo-anarchists like early-aughts, Food Not Bombs playlist staple 1905. But Jesse Washington had more to do with the flamboyant Jagger Swagger and Technicolor almost-grind spazz attacks of An Albatross.
At the time, you called it "dancey screamo" if you approved. And if you didn't, you sneeringly referred to the stuff as "sassy screamo." Whatever it is, Jesse Washington lived it, complete with hot-pink typewriter-font logo and hair-metal makeup. In retrospect, they were an obvious antecedent -- more in style and dress than sonically -- to the highly primped devotees of spinoffs like crabcore."

Mascara Massacre+One Hot Night with...Jesse Washington+Split 7" (JW trackz only)
Bandcamp: Brevard Graveyard
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow




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