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Palatka was a freaking & Amazing fast, intense, insane and chaotic Screamo/Emoviolence Band from Gainesville, Florida, US and I love this Band until to the fucking balls!
Alot like Usurp Synapse or Hassan.

"Palatka started in November/December of 1994. Mike (guitar) & Kurt (vocals) lived in a house known as the Mega-Rock-Arena. Jason (bass) was a friend of Mike’s from their hometown. Mark (drums) was introduced to the three of them through Jason’s roommate. At the time of our inception we all had the same beliefs of a self-sustaining DIY music scene. We set up house shows, we played on floors and we booked our own tours. Later Ryan & Will from Hope Spring Eternal moved to Gainesville. From, there, Ryan joined Palatka as a second guitarist.” 

At one point, Kurt stayed in Europe to study abroad. Palatka continued to play shows, but changed their name to Ex-Best Friends. Once Kurt moved back to the states, Palatka reformed. 
All the songs on the End of Irony LP are Ex-Best Friends songs.

- split w/ Hope Spring Eternal - Tape (self-released)
- split w/ The End of the Century Party - 7" (self -released)
- split w/ Assole Parade - LP (Coalition/Jason & Kurt)
- The End of Irony - LP (No Idea)

- Bleeeaaauuurrrggg A Music war - 7" (Slap A Ham)
- Vida - Life Benefit for Project Vida - 7" (Legua Armada)
- Fragile Records Comü - 7" (Fragile
-  Food Not Bombs Benefit- LP (Anima)
- Destroy New Granada - LP
-Possesed to Skate - LP (625 Thrash/Pessimer)
- Southeast Hardcore, Fuck Yeah!!! - 7" (Jason & Kurt
- Mandatory Marathon - 7" (Amendment)
- A Product of Six Cents - 7" (Six Cents)
- In Words of One Syllable - LP

The End Of The Century Party from Tampa Area of Florida played a pretty and fucking Amazing style of fast, chaotic and insane Screamo/Hardcore & members went later on to be in Scholatic Deth, Books Lie, Space Cobra and Dead Horse Detective Agency.

Discography + Split w/The End Of The Century Party
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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