Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Kwisatz Haderach + Encyclopedia of American Traitors

Kwisatz Haderach from the US, which were active in the late 90's played a raw & pretty unquiet style of fast & chaotic Screamo/Hardcore.
Don't really much about this band except the 7" (the only release I believe) was released in '98 & this record is a killer for sure.
Well, come & get the whole stuff!!!

Kwisatz Haderach - 7" + Split w/Encyclopedia Of American Traitors 
Encyclopedia of American Traitors: Discography
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

Encyclopedia Of American Traitor from Millersville, Pennsylvania, USA were active from '96 until '99 & played a freakin spazzy & chaotic style of Screamo/Emo with hits of sick grinding Hardcore which is pure lovely awesomeness to the fucking bits!!!

Bio: "The Band posthumously released a Discography CD in 2002.
Band members were Andrew Martin, Keith Miller, Ryan Suffort, Steve Sakasitz & Zachary Martin.
Memebers also played in Cairo Capone. The Band is often categorized as one of the early wave
of "Screamo" Bands, which accentuated the more extreme Hardcore influences in the Emo sound and are noted for their leftistpolitics."

Knows Discography:
1997: S/T" (Ancestry)
1997: The Caligula Effect: A Compilation (Catechism Records)
1998: Split w/Kwisatz Haderach
1998: Split w/Orchid (Witching Hour)
1999: Cant't Stop This Train Compilation (Team Player)
1999: "Volume ||" 7" (Watson And The Shark)
2002: Discography CD"

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