Montag, 14. Februar 2011

We Killed John Lennon

So that's my first Post and I begin with these Guys.
WKJL from Västra Götalands Läm, Sweden.
They plays a very interesting, beautiful & amazing style of  Screamo/Emo!

Bio: "So WKJL decided to continue with their drunk-improvised Band that they formed at the party at malins house a while ago.
Anyway, these 4 guys decided that they wanted to record a serious album (well, more or less serious).
So they spent a couple of days at daniels apartment just writing songs, and later performed at another party at malins house. The outcome of this adventure is really Awesome.
And these 4 guys used a broken drumsticks, some singers without a microphone and some shitty recording (with a digital camera and a mobile phone) but to be honest, this is really Amazing.
Later came Johan from Likethewolveswecrawl to as Screamer and so there were 5 Guys.
WKJL to publish a Self Titled, the Basement CDR & 2 new Songs."

Give this stuff a listen!
Get it fucking here!
Give them much love!
And one of my favorite Screamo Bands!
Well, worth check it out!

Basement CDR+Two Songs+S/T
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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