Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011


Tentacles (earlier Tentacles A Flower) is a full of intensity, amazing, aggressive, raw, dark & emotional Screamo/Hardcore Band from RGV/SATX, Texas, US!!!
They started in 2006 in the Rio Grande Valley. 2010 is taking place in San Antonio.
Cogita Mori (newest record) is by far one of the heaviest Emo/Hardcore records of all time with influences of gloomy, fast & heavy Sludge/Doom!
If you don't know this guys you must definitvely check their records out now!!!
Don't miss this Band& give'em much love!!!

Bandcamp: Tentacles
Bandcamp: React With Protest
Soundcloud: React With Protest
Green Hell Recordstore & Mailorder: Cogita Mori
Bis Auf's Messer Records: 2008-2010 Tape & Cogita Mori
Website: React With Protest
Facebook: Tentacles
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow


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