Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011


Guards are a (active?) amazing, deeply intense & fucking crazy Noise Rock/Acid Punk Band from Texas, US!!!

Bio: "Formed during summer of 2006, Guards has laid dormant until their recent 2010 summer mid-western tour in support for their Tour CD-R 'New Flesh'.
The tour was followed by a three day Texas stint with Houston-noise psych Band Indian Jewelry and Rhode Island's Lightning Bolt.
The Band's live performances are laden with Distorted vocals, feedback, fake blood, and high energy."

Well, definitively one of the most crazy & totally insane Noise Rock Bands of all time with a wall of fucking brutal feedback & awesome adding vocals also if you into destructive Noise Rock this fucking guys are a must have!!!

New Flesh
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

Neil Perry - The Movie

Neil Perry was a intense and Awesome Screamo band from New Jersey, US formed in 1998.
This is the bonus material with this included a 35 minute video of live shows, tour footage, and various other scraps of footage compiled during the band’s span.
Check this Awesome footage!

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Dawn Treader

Dawn Treader is a totally Amazing and intense Screamo/Hardcore band from Maryland, US.
Check this out right now!
Deconstructing the Coffin

Tiala + Utarid

Two killer violence bands on this split.
Tiala from Koiwa, Tokyo, JP playing totally Awesome Screamo/Hardcore.
Utarid from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  playing totally Amazing Screamo/Hardcore.
Check this out!
And check Utarids demo and the split w/Sophora here: Demo,Split

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011


Tentacles (earlier Tentacles A Flower) is a full of intensity, amazing, aggressive, raw, dark & emotional Screamo/Hardcore Band from RGV/SATX, Texas, US!!!
They started in 2006 in the Rio Grande Valley. 2010 is taking place in San Antonio.
Cogita Mori (newest record) is by far one of the heaviest Emo/Hardcore records of all time with influences of gloomy, fast & heavy Sludge/Doom!
If you don't know this guys you must definitvely check their records out now!!!
Don't miss this Band& give'em much love!!!

Bandcamp: Tentacles
Bandcamp: React With Protest
Soundcloud: React With Protest
Green Hell Recordstore & Mailorder: Cogita Mori
Bis Auf's Messer Records: 2008-2010 Tape & Cogita Mori
Website: React With Protest
Facebook: Tentacles
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow



Telekolleg from Berlin, Germany playing intense and totally Awesome Trashy Screamo/Grind.
Influences by: Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Majority Rule, Zann, Francis Brady, Eaves..
Check this out!

GARY Suicidal Kids Commando

GARY Suicidal Kids Commando from France playing Screamo with Sludgely influences.
Check this out! It's intense and just Awesome!

Szep Alma + Mapadelmundo + The Tartuffe Plan

Awesome 3 way split!
Szep Alma from Hartland, Wisconsin, US playing Awesome Screamo.
Mapadelmundo from Almaty, Kazachstan playing Awesome Emoviolence.
The Tartuffe Plan from Hungary playing Post-Emo-Indie stuff I think. It's really nice.
Enjoy it!