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Eclipse of Eden

Eclipse of  Eden was a totally Awesome and intense Emoviolence band from the US.

"In the beginning there was Eclipse of Eden.
It was the late nineties in Des Moines Iowa
and something was brewing. Young punks from
across the state all moving to the capital.
A group of pale and androgynous gothic hipsters
were doing their part to put the scare back
into punk rock music.

They mixed hardcore with grind and a splash
of black metal to make a delicious blend of
punk rock music that some would consider screamo.
They were famous for their high energy live
shows. Trashing about the floor with the 

demeanor of young men freshly escaped
from a mental institution. Leaving the crowd
with sweat dripping and ears buzzing.
It was the end of the century and it was
a good time for punk music in Iowa.

Since Eclipse of Eden broke up the members
have spread back out across the midwest
and beyond. They have formed many new bands.
Swing By Seven, Examination of The…,
Dispensing of False Halos, Battlefields,
Across Tundras, This Dialogue, Oh Possum,
the list goes on and on…

This band featured:
Tanner Olsen (current Across Tundras)
Rusty Steele (current Battlefields)
Joe Ross (current The Tanks, These Needles)
Will Bliss (current Oh Possum)
Eric Sewalson (current Lungs)

Two Albums:
“My Reflex is Revenge” on Happy Couples Never Last
“s/t Demo” on Skinsuit

Eclipse of Eden has toured the States several times with; Neil Perry, Love Lost but not Forgotten and frequently played shows with Pg99, Joshua Fit For Battle, Usurp Synapse, Seatia and To Dream of Autumn,

Eclipse of Eden eventually broke off into two bands; Examination of the… and Dispensing of False Halos"

Enjoy it!
My Reflex is Revenge

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