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Don Knotts

Don Knotts hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, US where active in the early 00's & played a super heavy & spastic styled, raw throated Grinding Thrashcore/Hardcore/Punk stuff also if U intro brutal, fast & super crushing Grindcore Punk this band will rip your fucking mind for sure!!! BTW, best Grinding Punk shit that came out of Michigan, ever! Badass fave dudes!

Bio via " our last show was October 31st, 2002 at the Ghetto Diaper in Lansing, MI. the set was to be 25 songs but we only made it through 3 before the houses main water line got yanked down soaking everyone and everything and freaking the shit out of everyone when they thought they were going to be shocked to death.

 CDR discographys are available at the contact information at the bottom of the page.

the A Black Day For Mayberry 7" officially ran out in July 2003 and will not be re-pressed. the split 7" with The Massacre never came out cause both bands broke up. the Last Seven Songs tape which was sold at the last show is gone as well. unless your feeling lucky, at which point you can try jeff at the support group who might have a copy or two lying around.

as far as what everyone else is up to here you go:
Adam Dunn - currently living at the Ghetto Diaper in Lansing, MI putting on basement shows and rocking the mic at various points.
Dan Matthews - still working at Suncoast and highly doubted to sing again
Kevin Nunn - playing guitar & singing in North Lincoln still and rocking the mic in the Andorras, a Sweet Baby cover band
Brian Payne - currently living in Chicago, IL. no word on any new bands.
Brian Beckwith - still rocking the bass & vocals in North Lincoln, working on a new solo gig also
Nate Baker - after leaving the band just after the 7" was released he took off to chicago for school where he still resides, no word on any new bands for him yet, but he did have a book published. go here for a copy. it has pics of tons of bands including don knotts.
John Massel - still bangin the drums in North Lincoln, also rockin with Moniker which has Ian Townsand (ex-carlton) and Colin & Craig from Mustard Plug
Nate Schneider - after leaving DK he started a punk & roll band called Glorified Trash which he still rocks out with today in between his shots of vodka and marlboro cigarettes

Don Knotts 1161 Fairfield Dr. SW Hudsonville, MI 49426

since the last show don knotts has been known to play a show every now and again when we're all drunk and present at the same place."

A Black Day For Mayberry 7"+Unreleased Split 7"+Devils Night Tape 
Bandcamp: Don Knotts
No Idea Records Website: Don Knotts - A Black Day For Mayberry 7"
Friction Records Website: Don Knotts - Black Day For Mayberry 7" 
Facebook: No Idea Records
Facebook: Friction Records
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

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