Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011


So here's Makara! One of my favorite Bands of all time!!!

Bio: "Makara was a 5 piece Screamo/Powerviolence/Noise/Emo/Hardcore Band from Cupertino, CA (Northern California) & active in the late 90s.
They played an extremely brutal style of emo with female vocals and highly distorted/noisy guitars (including bass). It featured James and from Mohinder. Other members later went on to Yaphet Kotto (Chris), Dosage & Usage/Dmonstrations (Nick), and other Bands in the vein of Makara: Ruhaeda (Matt and Nick), Jenny Piccolo/The Anasazi (James and Chris), Welcome the Plague Year (Kerry Jo).
They put records out on Witching Hour, Level Plane, Hymnal Sound, and released Discographies on the Spanish based Carmen Diablo (C. D. version) and Blood of the Young (vinyl)."

Well, if you are into a mix of beautiful, intense, chaotic & loud as fucking emotional noisy mess you are going to love this Band to the bits!!!

Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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