Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Us, Haunted Bodies

Us, Haunted Bodies was an intense and totally Awesome chaotic Screamo band from San Francisco, California, US.
They broke up in [8/06] and unbroked up in [6/07].
Loma Prieta + Occam's Razor.
Val (Loma Prieta/Sailboats) - plays drums on the 7"
Us, Haunted Bodies hail from the bay area of California. Home to the creative history of passionate Hardcore/Punk, they embody that identity and ideal to the purest points. These 4 songs are violent, chaotic, and full of rage. For fans of Tristan Tzara, Neil Perry and Louise Cyphre and also Features ex and current members of Loma Prieta and Occam’s Razor, they sound much like the latter and present bands.
Check this out!

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