Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

I Never Knew You

Very pretty beautiful and Awesoem female fronted Screamo/Hardcore from Orange Country, California with some truly heartfelt parts. They self-released a five song demo and recently released their debut album titled End Of Seasons in.
So come and give them a listen!
End Of Seasons

A Mola Mola

Pretty beautiful, intense & haunting a la lovely 90's Screamo/Emo stuff with some Toru Okada vibes from Narragansett, Rhode Island!!!
Members went & form later Terror Eyes.
Check, check, check!

Bandcamp: A Mola Mola 
Facebook: A Mola Mola
Facebook: Terror Eyes
Bandcamp: Terror Eyes
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

One Eyed God Prophecy

Legendary 90's emotional, dark, powerful, intense and Amazing Hardcore/Crust band from Ontario, Canada and with Union Of Uranus was this band one of the best bands in the 90's Canadian D.I.Y Hardcore/Punk scene.
Unfortunately they only managed to release a Self-Titled 12” on The Great American Steak Religion before breaking up.
Come and check them out right now!

Montag, 28. Mai 2012


AxRxMx (Apathetic Ronald McDonald) from Fontana, California playing totally fucking Awesome, short and intense wicked fast fucking Punky, Thrashy  Powerviolence.
Download all the stuff inclusive 2 splits with two another sick, Amazing and intense Powerviolence bands (Pompous Hardcore from Fresno, CA and Final Draft from Ingelwood, CA)
Also come and get it!

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Textbook Traitors

Textbook Traitors hailing from Milwaukee, WI, US, active in the early/middle of the 00's were AND are one of the raddest metallic Emoviolence/Screamo/Hardcore bands which created with this fast, passionate & furious sound a totally amazing wall of beautiful harsh stuff!!!
The "You Pull the Strings that Make Us Dance EP" is full of fucking outstanding brutal blasting drums, violent guitar shredding & sick as fucking raw screaming like razos straight out the hell buuuuuuut the remaining stuff is highly recommendable, too!!!
Erik. which one was in TT also plays now drums in Lord Snow.

Homepage: Lord Snow
Facebook: Lord Snow
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow