Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011


29/09 from Nantes, Pays De La Loire, France are/were by far one of the best/craziest Bands of all fucking time who mixing Screamo with beautiful, destroying & totally intense as fucking awesome Death Metal/Grindcore/Black Metal/Experimental/Hardcore!!!

Bio: "29/09 is a trio from France (Nantes, Pays De La Loire). They formed in 2006 and play a sort of Experimental Death Metal/Grindcore. Actually their music is somewhat like some sort of crossover between Grindcore and awesome Experimental influences. The current line up is as follow: Francois-Xavier aka FX - Drums, Vocals, Greg - Guitar & Didier - Bass. They have released one album in 2009 entitled "La Violence Therapeutique" (Therapeutic Violence) and are currently signed on the American Label: Poison Tree Records. They are famous for the crazy & unbridled performances on stage."

Well, if you'll hear one of the most destructive & craziest Bands with influences by Screamo/Death Metal/Black Metal/Experimental/Hardcore inclusive an pretty emotional sound sometimes you must definitiley download the album on bandcamp right fucking now!!!

Bandcamp: 29/09
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow Free stuff about French Punk & Violence
Youtube: 29/09 - La Violence Therapeutique (2007) Playlist

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