Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow

They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow was a totally intense and Amazing chaotic Screamo band from Portland, US.

Bio: There is a certain moment in all our lives; a specific epiphany that everyone experiences. It's usually occurs in one's twenties, but sometimes it hits you earlier, or even later. You've been waiting all of your life, for something special to happen, something magical and otherworldly; a life-defining moment. All of your life, you've thought, "I am an individual, therefore I am special, precious, and unique. Something is going to happen to me, and I'll know why I'm here...everything will be clear." And you wait. And the moment never comes. You observe others, and try to gauge by their appearance and behavior whether or not their MOMENT has come yet. After a while, you're able to separate the individuals who are still waiting anxiously, from another kind of person. The kind you see all the time. Humans with broken spirits trapped in boring employment. The only people who exist outside of these two categories appear fanatical and crazy to you. And you finally realize, "Everyone thinks they are, or will be, important. But I'm not. None of us are." And that, itself, is the MOMENT in question. The life-defining event, is the realization that the event will never happen. The only people who have actually found their calling are completely off of their fucking heads. Because there is nothing to be called toward. Nothing to do but kill time, and wait to die. Well, you know that very moment when you realize you aren't special? That "special" actually means stupid and/or insane? Our band is an attempt to capture that very moment, isolate it, and stretch it into infinity.
Check this out!

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