Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

The Kodan Armada + Whats Yr Damage

Awesome Screamo and beautiful Emo from the states.
Check this out!

Wits End (Ex Cantena Collapse)

Wits End hailing from Oslo, Norway playing a very intense, beautiful & crying style of Emo/Hardcore with big influences by mid 90's Emo/Hardcore Bands!!!
Very very very beautiful and heartbreaking stuff right here!!!
So come and give'em an listen if you into loud, fast and hard passionate Emotional Hardcore!!!
Get it & give'em much love kid!

Bandcamp: Wits End
Bigcartel: Ödebygd
Website: Adagio830
Soundcloud: Adagio830
Website: Tigernet
Website: Bis Aufs Messer Records
Facebook: Adagio830
Facebook: Wits End
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Wordpress: Lilla Himmel

The Kodan Armada + Montcalm

An split release from the Screamo band The Kodan Armada from Kentucky and the Screamo band Montcalm( with the vocalist from Ampere) such influences by 90's emo like Indian Summer, Moss Icon, Clossure and western mass's Tipping Canoe.
Check this Amazing split!


Some pretty Awesome Powerviolence/Punk stuff right here from my friends of Kolding, Denmark.
Formed in 2010 and released this first S/T.
Give 'em an listen right now!

The Kodan Armada + Gospel

The Kodan Armada was a Screamo band with sad lyrics and Gospel mixes the atmosphere of psychedelia, structural sensibilities and instrumentation of Genesis-esque progressive-rock, and primal aggression/desperation of Hardcore/Screamo.
Come and check their Awesome split!

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

The Kodan Armada

Legendary Screamo band from Louisville, Kentucky US.
Their lyrics and songs are just beyond words sometimes, when the first thing you hear out of an album is "This song is about my dad raping my sister" you know you are in for a ride.
So come and check their full of emotional, intense and aboslute Awesome stuff!

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011


Here's the first demo from my friend's band.
Acardius(Ex Revolver Facelift) play emotional, dark and melodic hardcore/punk and they come from Wegberg/Mönchengladbach, Germany.
Support your local Hardcore scene!
Live show