Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Burkewitz Refused

Some Russian Screamo right here & we know Russians make it always right!
Burkewitz Refused from Volgograd, Russia playing a straight fucking amazing, intense & fast mix of crying & violent heartbroken Screamo/Emo/Atmospheric/Hardcore!!!
You can get the Disorder album for free at her bandcamp page also if youreally into beautiful & violent chaos you must definitely check this guys out now!!!

Bandcamp: Burkewitz Refused Burkewitz Refused Sad Records
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Facebook: Sad Records
Bandcamp: Sad Records
Webstore: Sad Records

Scenario (сценарий)

Scenario hailing from Minsk, Belarus are 4 guys who playing a totally fucking amazing, fucked up & intense style of heartfelt & heartbroken chaotic Screamo/Emo which reminds of some classic Bands out of the 90's/00's!!!
Their demo & a split release you can just download 4 free on bandcamp!!!
Well, if you into harsh & emotional chaos with a shot of beautiful atmosphere you are really going to love this Band!

Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014


Swales are a fucking awesome and intense as fucking sick Grinding Powerviolence/Thrash/Hardcore Band from Albuquerque,NM with some experimental influences sometimes!!!
S/T & the Practice Demo are just 4 free on their bandcamp page and I don't know why but at some points they reminds me at the Powerviolence/Fastcore/Grindcore/Thrash/Punk Band (Listen: Youtube: Demo 12") 142 from Dortmund, Germany.
Dude, check this fucking Band or get fucked!!!


Pretty amazing & intense Screamo/Emo/Hardcore Band from Norwich,UK with a mixture of beautiful & chaotic chaos!!!
You can download all the stuff from their bandcamp page!
Really worth checking out!!!

Bandcamp: Cassus
Buy some merch & stuff!
Facebook: Cassus
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014


Aspergers hailing from Saint-Petersburg, Russia playing a style of fucking amazing, intense, chaotic & noisy late 90's Screamo/Emo/Hardcore & I just can say they're definitely the russian answer at the classic Jeromes Dream!!!
Well, the mix between noisy, chaotic and beautiful chaos you get it here is pretty awesome & Aspergers are for sure one of the best fast, noisy & chaotic Screamo/Hardcore/Emo Bands in years!!!
Check all the tracks from 2010 until 2011 including the S/T plus tracks from splits w/1849, Namatjira and Bronekot.
Just worth checking out!

Aspergers - Discography (2010-2013)
Link to Download the full Aspergers/LG,LR Split+LG,LR & the tracks from the Split w/Gendarme
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Facebook: Sad Records
Webstore: Sad Records Aspergers Sad Records
Bandcamp: Sad Records
Bandcamp: Aspergers


Buran are from Angarsk, Russia and playing totally fucking awesome and intense Screamo which mixed with raging & pretty brutal influenced Grindcore/Powerviolence and raw screams!
First demo they uploaded on their bandcamp page for free & one of the best demo releases in the last year!
Really fucking Amazing & intense stuff right here yo!