Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012


Sick fucking dirty and raw Noise/Grindviolence demo by this four piece dudes from Baltimore, MD.
Awesome and intense stop and go in your face parts with raw as fuck vocals and a fucking sick
full blast grounded guitar/bass heavy shredding slow to blast beat!
This shreds fucking hard! Download!


Ultra wicked fast fucked up Thrashy/Noisey/Powerviolence/Grind/Hardcore from Boston.
This demo will fuck ur mind, 7 songs less than 6 minutes full of ultra wicked fucked up blasting!
So come and give them a listen!


New band from Chicago and this is ex-Socially Retarded featuring members of Bongripper, Machismo, Hate Basement, Gapers.
You like Powerviolence/Grind/Power Electronics? THAN YOU MUST FUCKING OWN THIS !!!!
Also check them out!

Sesso Violento

Raw fucking Awesome and intense Harsh/Blackened Metal/Punk from the UK.
Members you can find in Cthulhu Youth and Coprophagic Substratum.
Come and check this out!

Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Sleeping Peonies

Hailing from the UK. Sleeping Peonies play a totally goddamn dreamy trip mix between like 90's Screamo, dark Shoegaze/Atmospheric Black Metal. Every fucking song is a pure Melancholy, Tranquillity, Dreamy trip!
So much Awesomeness right here and one of my favorite bands of all time in this genre!
Check check check!