Donnerstag, 10. März 2011


Tion hailing from Michigan, US active in the earls 00's are/were by far one of the raddest, intensest & shortest chaotic Screamo/Hardcore/Punk bands of all fucking time with influences of Powerviolence/Grind/Noise!!!
Totally hot stuff right here & I fucking love this shrill/growl vocals mixed with this fucking awesome synth sound to the maximum!!!
The Complete Audio Device is just awesome & intense Noise!!!

Bio: "The return of Tion. I finally got a hold of their split 7" with The Complete Audio Device off this dude from ( I recommend you dudes check it out, a lot of people know their shit on there, mike haley from electric human project is on there among a lot of others) but the split is brutal. Not much more to say, one of the tracks off of Symmetry Makes Me Calm by -tion is at the end of the split. Enjoy :), I know stackable will. In the insert, they have a website that is still up and running if anyone is interested in checking out more photos.
They self-released both Symmetry Makes Me Calm and their split with The Complete Audio Device. They played really awkward places like house bathrooms. They had intense live shows. They have shrilly vocals and awesomely short songs."

Symmetry Makes Me Calm 7" + Split EP
Website: Tion
Vimeo: Live Video Archive
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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