Freitag, 11. März 2011

Scrotums + Max Ward

This split is the shit! 
Specially to those pips who really into Powerviolence/Thrash. This 7inch will kick your ass fo sho. To those unfamiliar to "MAX WARD" this is a Band not the great owner of 625Thrash, but obviously these guys follows the pathos of Max Ward and all of his band that playing first wave Powerviolence. "MAX WARD" is a Four piece band strictly listening to Powerviolence and playing fast as fuck blastcore from the vein of No Comment, No Comply. Laughing Dog, Capitalis Casualties and other beautiful Powerviolence Band from the 90's. "THE SCROTUMS" is a three piece Band with no bass player, this is fuckin wicked short and loud ultra fastcore with a kick of violence, both band From California. Both band are Amazing on this 7inch released in Fuck Life Records.  This is Awesome shit you must Own or fucking not!

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