Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

Wren Lloyd (Oedipus)

Wren Lloyd (earlier Oedipus) were or are (because they're still active I believe) a four piece but now a two piece extreme Grindcore outfit from Baltimore, Maryland, US.
Firstly these dudes playing a very different & crazy style of dirty & chaotic Grindcore/Hardcore/Punk and seriously they're by far one of the most insane, trippy, heavy & amazing Grindcore Bands of all time with Psychedelic & Experimentel influences!!!  
Famous about their interesting, energetic & extravagant live shows (wear a dress, get dick naked, that kinda thing)
Have fun!!!

Demo (2008),Oedipus (2008), Tracks from the split w/ Age Sixteen (If I can find the whole split I'll upload it)
Facebook: Wren Lloyd
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Bandcamp: Wren Lloyd
Tumblr: Wren Lloyd
Youtube: Wren Lloyd & Age Sixteen Winter Tour

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