Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Sex Dungeon

Sex Dungeon hailing from London and South East, UK was a pretty awesome band, which played a freaking amazing & intense style of super dirty & thrashy Powerviolence/Hardcore/Punk with hits of heavily dirty breakdowns & awesomely tight & raw screams!!!
Members U can find it in:
Apollogreed: Soundcloud (Brutal, raw & sick to the ground Powerviolence/Hardcore/Punk banging!!!)
Voidhammer: Bandcamp (Raw & awesome Noise/Hardcore/Punk stuff!!!)
Street Beef: Bandcamp (Tight & angry Hardcore Punk)
Family Outing: Bandcamp (Fast, Raw & angry Hardcore/Noise/Punk)
Stab: Bandcamp (Angry & fast Hardcore/Punk)
Hunger: Bandcamp (Hardcore/Punk)
Well, if U like it dirty, noisy, raw and awesomely angry this band is the SHIT!!!
Btw, one of the best band's came out of the UK HC/Punk "scene" in my options, ever!

Fucked in Heaven+Practice Tape
Sex Dungeon:
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

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