Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Hassan I Sabbah

Hassan I Sabbah was one of the sickest & intensest Emo/Hardcore Bands around in the early 2000's and for sure one of the best Screamo/Emo/Hardcore Bands, ever!
The Band exist from around 2000-2001, featuring members of Force Fed Glass,
Puritan, Prevail and Rinse. Their drummer went on to play in Unearth and the singer to Otesanek.
The Band released two demos, an LP, a split w/ Usurp Synapse and were on a few compilations.
So if you like it Amazing, intense & pretty chaotic in a sick fucking beautiful way you must just fucking check this Band out now & by far one of my all time favorite/lovely Bands!!! WORD!

Discography + Lyrics Hassan I Sabbah Sweatshirt, Hoodie & T-Shirt
Hassan I Sabbah Interview
Bandcamp: Robotic Empire
Soundcloud: Hassan I Sabbah & The Holy Handgrenades- "Unity Is Dead, Eeat Shit." (2000, Self Released)
Blogspot: Robotic Empire
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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