Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Aspergers + Lost Generation, Last Revolution

Both Bands are from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Aspergers playing a totally fucking awesome of emotional & chaotic Emoviolence and they're definitely the russian answer of Jeromes Dream!!!
Lost Generation, Last Revolution playing fucking brutal,crushing & intense mix between Screamo & Grindcore!!!
Just fucking check this pretty rad split w/Aspergers plus inclusive the Lost Generation, Last Revolution Demo and the tracks from the split w/Gendarme (No Gendarme tracks because I don't can find some active links but I'll fixed it if I can find some ...)!!!

Split w/Aspergers+Lost Generation, Last Revolution Demo+ Tracks from the Split w/Gendarme
Webstore: Sad Records
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Facebook: Sad Records
Bandcamp: Aspergers
Bandcamp: Sad Records
vk.com: Lost Generation, Last Revolution
vk.com: Sad Records

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