Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Wits End (Ex Cantena Collapse)

Wits End hailing from Oslo, Norway playing a very intense, beautiful & crying style of Emo/Hardcore with big influences by mid 90's Emo/Hardcore Bands!!!
Very very very beautiful and heartbreaking stuff right here!!!
So come and give'em an listen if you into loud, fast and hard passionate Emotional Hardcore!!!
Get it & give'em much love kid!

Bandcamp: Wits End
Bigcartel: Ödebygd
Website: Adagio830
Soundcloud: Adagio830
Website: Tigernet
Website: Bis Aufs Messer Records
Facebook: Adagio830
Facebook: Wits End
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Wordpress: Lilla Himmel

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