Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Isodora Crane

Isodora Crane were a just amazing, fast, aggressive & pretty intense chaotic Screamo/Hardcore Band with full of passionate screams & clean vocals from Southern California, US!!!

Bio: "Isodora Crane is a screamo, that a indie rock band located in Southern California. The band, a very brief and under appreciated musical experiment, spanned over 3 years and 2 unquiet genres. At the time the band impressed many with what was believed to be a new sound for hardcore. They are currently back together and touring.Although, Isodora Crane is no longer about the skramz."

Take definitively a look if you into beautiful, intense, aggressive & full of passionate chaotic Emoviolence with amazing screams & clean vocals!!!

The Impossibilities Of A Static Universe
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

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