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Deadseraphim was a Amazing short, fast, intense, raw, chaotic and emotional Emoviolence Band from Lake Elsinore, California.
Their live shows were notoriously violent and would often end prematurely due to injury. 
All of the Band’s releases except the discography CD are out of print and very rare.
Some people means Deadseraphim are a Jeromes Dream rip-off but I don't really think so.
Deadseraphim were more into the raw & chaotic side of chaotic, brutal & extreme Emotional Hardcore & sound is so different, too!
Just the vocals have a resemblance.
Also if you love the beautiful & intense side of chaotic Screamo/Hardcore is this Band a fucking must have and by far was Deadseraphim one of the most underrated & fucking best short lived Bands in the eraly 00's!!!

Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

Members and Related Bands:
* Danny Baker - Vocals
* Brian Thomas - Drums
* Ryan Jorgensen - Guitar
* Matt Robison - Bass
* Chris Robertson - Guitar

Related Bands: Spring Break!, The Arm and Sword of A Bastard God, Find Him and Kill Him, Lord of the Bong, Zzyzx, Durga, Orphan Shit, C is for Cookie, Charismatic Dwarf.

"Deadseraphim (2000-2002) were an influential yet short lived hardcore band from Lake Elsinore, California. Deadseraphim’s music was influenced by grind and black metal as much as it was influenced by hardcore bands such as Portraits of Past and Reversal of Man. The band’s first demo recording had far more of a leaning towards punk but mainly due to a lack of musicianship. As the band progressed, and later added a second guitarist, Deadseraphim eventually found their permanent sound. The band attempted to do a full US tour in the summer of 2002 with San Diego’s Durga (members of Plot To Blow Up the Eiffel Tower) but ended up only playing the west coast dates of that tour on their own due to a van breakdown in Arizona/New Mexico. Members of Deadseraphim went on to play in many other bands since Deadseraphim’s abrupt end following their one and only west coast tour."

* Demo - 2000 (cassette) - All never released songs, only about 5 copies and they are all lost.
* Self Titled - 2001 7“ EP - Self released. 500 copies, 3 test presses hand numbered, purple/gray mix vinyl
* Split with Drowning In Lethe 7“ EP - Pictora Pilota. 15 test presses, 50 tour covers, 500 blue vinyl.
* Split with Montcalm 12“ LP - Pretty in Pink/Glory Hole/Vernon. 15 test presses, 100 black vinyl, 400 red vinyl. Various different covers including 25 metal covers (Pretty in Pink pre-order)
* Remain Standing V/A CD - Pictora Pilota.
* Discography digipak CD - Electric Human Project.

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