Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

Goetz George

I don't really much about these guys but what I know is they were the SHIT!!!
Goetz George hailing from Schweinfurt, Germany were active between the late 90's/early 00's & played a freakin amazing mix of fast grinding Hardcore with different screaming vocals & lovely high pitched screams & pretty instrumental parts with hits of damn awesome keyboard sounds which reminds at some points at the Locust for me!!!
Members went later to form/played in: Blumentöten, This is a Call to Arms, McCarthy Blacklist, Toxic Avengers, Shokei, The Falcon Five, Geezers, Deto-Nation, Omega Massif, The Ghost Rockets.
Well, if U are into fast & crazy grinding Hardcore with hits of Powerviolence & a damn amazing Keyboard sound so this band is definitively a check out yo!!!

Montag, 18. April 2016


Ownlife hailing from East Lansing, Michigan, US is a super amazing & chaotic Hardcore/Emoviolence outfit which reminds on some hard dancing 90's/00's screaming punk stuff!!!
FFO: Tion, Black Castle, Jesse Washington, Witchcraft By A Picture, Blow Up etc.
If U like raw chaos noise sounds mixed with influences of metallic dancing punk, this stuff's definitely for you a check out yo!!!

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Dienstag, 15. März 2016

Hive Mind

Hive Mind hailing from Bloomington, Indiana are a sick, intense & pretty amazing band formed around in the year '015.
These 5 tracks on their bandcamp page which are for free are full of pure chaotic & hard hitting Screamo/Noise/Hardcore with heavily awesome fast breakdown banging!!!
Totally freakin amazing fucking hot stuff right here which reminds on the 90's/00's era!!!

Mediafire: First Release
Bandcamp: Hive Mind
Facebook: Hive Mind
Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

Samstag, 12. März 2016


Amalgamation hailing from the DC/VA hood, were active in the late 90's ('96 until '98) & played a pretty awesome/spazzy & chaotic style of Screamo/Hardcore with some lovely screams/vocals!!!
The tracks on the split side w/Jeromes Dream are fucking killer but the another stuff is really worth checking out, too!
Well, come and grab the stuff right here yo!

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Facebook: Today & Tomorrow

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015


Super Awesome & new foremely Emoviolence Outfit from Moscow, Russia&Ukraine!!!
Lora's style in the genre of Screamo/Emo/Hardcore is very unquiet, beautiful, chaotic & brutal!
Sounds and influences reminds straight from the raw, unquiet, beautiful and noisy chaotic Hardcore/Emo/Punk "scene" from the late 80's until early 00's. First super Amazing and loud as fucking chaotic EP can U grab for free in a digital form on Lora's bandcamp page or on the Confusion Specialist Records bandcamp page so just downloading the fuck out man! BTW, one of the best Bands these days for sure!!!

Facebook: Lora
Bandcamp: Lora Lora
Facebook: Today and Tomorrow
Bandcamp: Confusion Specialist Records /Lora/EP
Facebook: Confusion Specialist Records
Blogspot: Confusion Specialist Records